OPERATION: Black Lagoon.

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OPERATION: Black Lagoon.

Postby Dee James » Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:24 pm

Operation Black Lagoon.

Start Date: 6th Dec 2014.
Location: N'Ziwasogo.
Hardware: ExpBG LO, A3MP, N'Ziwasogo, African Conflict.
Quals: ITC Stage ONE.
First Op: Shadow Deployment, 05/12/14 18:30Hrs GMT
Full Deployment: 06/12/14 18:30Hrs GMT


'N'Ziwasogo is a West African state that is in the process of applying for entry into the African Union and the UN.
With a valuable resource of Oil and exporting sugar and various fruits, it is a country with economic growth potential.

However, as a former French colony there is a hangover from it's colonial and pre-colonial past. With internal factions and
families who have always jostled for power. The French colonial era kept this largely in check but instability is now growing.

The president of the young Republic, President M'Peno was a strong yet moderate leader in opposition to the French colonization.
Now leader of the country, he has been struggling to keep the factions united and there are disturbing signs of division and old rivalries emerging throughout the regions of the country.

The UN is under resourced in this part of Africa and NATO have been asked to provide a security force to ensure the safety of the Republic, the President and the valuable source of oil.

The lead element of this force will be 1 Platoon of A Company, 1st Battalion, Expeditionary Battlegroup.'

The ExpBG will be based on the island in the south of N'Ziwasogo and will be initially deployed in an observational and assistance role, involving patrols and info gathering in the south and southwest of the country.

A Coy HQ
Dee James


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