AWOL/And replying to Saturday OPs

AWOL/And replying to Saturday OPs

Postby Don Meehan » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:32 am

AWOL (absent without official leave) if an individual does not leave a response on the event created via the website calendar. An AWOL can be removed but the AWOL will always remain on record but explanation must be submitted and signed by an Admin, 1IC or 2IC.

1st AWOL = UN-official warning from your 1IC

2nd AWOL = 7 day suspension from all OP's

3rd AWOL = official warning will be issued

4th AWOL = Can lead to instant dismissal from the BattleGroup.

The requirements of the BattleGroup are Saturday’s if you are unable to make these days you can not be part of the BattleGroup, People have personal lives we understand this a simple reply on the event will allow the planing of missions to run smoothly we are honestly not asking for much a simple yes,no or maybe so we know that you have acknowledged.

Saturday witch is the only required day to join and stay with the group has a deadline to when you can reply to that event, The only reply's that are counted will be the one's put down before Friday midnight GMT this gives us more than enough time not only see who will be coming to the event but allow us to plan the mission that will in turn hopefully speed things up in that regard.

Any reply after midnight Friday (GMT) will be an AWOL unless reason can be presented to your 1IC or Command if no reply is left this will also result in a AWOL.
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