Return of the Open Op

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Return of the Open Op

Postby K.Edgar » Sat May 07, 2016 11:25 am

Hello one and all.

So yesterday (06/05/2016) we managed to run our first attempt at the new open op. Pure vanilla with a heavily scripted procedural mission. For those that weren't there its a capture the island mission over the entirity of Altis. Main objective, capture the 7 major cities, with several sub objectives to make it easier. As you progress the enemy become increasingly alert and whilst we started off with some easy victories against isolated radio towers and military bases, by the end of the 5 hour server up time whilst we had taken Zaros (1 of the 7 major objectives) heavy counter attack was coming in there and on our nearby FOB simultaneously.

The mission scales to the number of players on the server so should always be a challenge but doable with however many you have, and the progress saves, so next week we can start with our foothold in the south. The old medical system we last used back in N'ziwasogo 2 is built into the mission too, so its not one shot death vanilla, giving the medics something to do.

We also had a few pubs join us, the advantage of there being no mods. With zero effort we can return it to using ACE and TFAR if people feel it's too much of a backward step, but the open nature seemed to help.

I tell you all of this because it seems to a) be a fun mission type (for now) and b) seems to be working. The more people we can get on to populate the server and lead squads, the better, but most importantly, start sending those guys you've been tapping up along. I admit i failed a bit on this, I was down to the wire getting the mission tested and uploaded onto the server. With it in place I can focus on convincing people to join with the confidence that theres no mod download requirement. If everyone can do the same we can have a really effective tool on our hands.

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