Operation Black Lagoon II

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Operation Black Lagoon II

Postby Dee James » Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:42 pm

Operation Black Lagoon II: Morning in Bakaho

Start Date: 05/07/14
Time: 18:30Hrs GMT
Location: N'Ziwasogo
Quals: ITC1
Hardware: ExpBG LO, A3MP, N'Ziwasogo, African Conflict
Full Deployment
(Check Op Black Lagoon and AAR posts for initial Background info)
Post your attendance reply to the dated calendar event.

The 2nd Op of our Tour in N'Ziwasogo.


'The situation in the South-West of N'Ziwasogo is deteriorating.
There have been reports of violence in the town of Bakaho and there are rumours of clashes between rebel militias and Government forces.
The UN is establishing a 'crisis operations' base with the N'Ziwasogo Govt Army at a compound in the North-West of Bakaho.
1 Platoon of the ExpBG's Company A, 1 Battalion has been tasked to link up with the UN team and co-ordinate with the N'Ziwasogo Govt forces at the compound.'

1 Platoon will begin it's move North-West through Bakaho from the same location as the intended FOB site 'OSCAR' in South-East Bakaho.
Bakaho is a large town and some of the population are still there. The protection of civilians is of great importance but this will still be a Combat Operation.
1 Platoon have orders to proceed to the Northwest of Bakaho to link up with N'Ziwasogo officials and U.N. staff as they are establishing a Crisis Management Center.
We will provide security and any assistance required.

1 Platoon HQ
Dee James


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