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OPERATION: Sending our regards.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:52 am
by A. Wulff
After being relocated to the North West of Altis to meet our ex AAF contact by the name of "Nikos".Image
To destroy an AAF artillery convoy in operation "Send and receive".

We proceeded to the Western coast to FOB "Dagger", to set up for our next operation "Sending our regards".Image
We are after Lt Col. Stefanos Glekas Antoniou, he retreated himself to the western coast In the town of Agios Konstantinos.
In 1.4Kilometers of Heavily AAF occupied land surrounded by Minefields and ocean patrols we have to search for Lt Col. Antoniou and eliminate him for his crimes against the people of Altis.

More information will be provided during the briefing on the day of the OP. Check the calendar for the time and date.