Training within the BattleGroup

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Training within the BattleGroup

Postby Don Meehan » Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:36 am

Below is overlook at how the training will be handled in 2016

    ITC 1

    ITC 2

    LMG -- Sapper -- Medic (Ace Advanced) -- Pointman (Passing the Pointman role allows you to take the Marksman role)


Any specialist roles must be filled by competent personal so if you haven't passed the course you will not be for filling the role, If you wish to find out more about any role's and interested in taking them up speak with your NCO or current head of training

Current Head Of Training : Cpl Chris. Kilcullen

  1. ITC 1 : Mandatory requirement for all members, Basic Formations, PID's and SOP's

  2. ITC 2 : Required for Any other Course, Advanced Course covering Bounding, Breaching and CQB combat and Mine detector usage

  3. LMG : Light machine gunner, Giving an idea of the responsibility of the LMG gunner in the section

  4. Sapper : Explosives and engineer for the section. Responsible for placing and disarming Explosives and repairing vehicles

  5. Medic : Responsible for keeping the section alive, Under advanced ACE this is a roll does require some additional effort

  6. Pointman : With advanced map reading and being able to read the terrain you will be responsible for leading section or even the platoon in the right path

  7. Marksman: Available after completing the pointman course course, By completing this Pass or fail course you will be clear to use DMR rifle

  8. NCO : This course is designed to prepare all commander's for the ability to lead sections on and off the field
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