Recruitment Event 03/02/2017

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Recruitment Event 03/02/2017

Postby James » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:37 pm

So, The time has come that we are due some new recruits.

February 3rd, 8pm GMT, All we ask that you do is sign up on the event and bring as many friends as possible. Even if you cannot attend and think you may have a friend who is interested then refer them to me.
As is the 'norm' with Friday ops, it will be a Zeus, by who is yet tbd but it's likely to be a little different, as we will be running a limited modset (No RHS, No 3cb/weapons pack), which will include likely ACE, 3CB and TFAR at most. Again this is TBD.

Hope to see as many turning up with a friend as possible, as an influx of members pre-campaign would certainly be nice.

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