AWOL/And replying to Saturday OPs

AWOL/And replying to Saturday OPs

Postby Don Meehan » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:32 am

Absent without official leave protocol changes. (AWOL)

Due to the nature of how the BattleGroup is run it is very important that we understand not only our current active member numbers, but how many will be turning up each week for us to adequately build missions that are balanced and achievable with the numbers attending especially with pre-built missions that are not able to be changed on the day.

For this reason we ask all members sign up for the mandatory Saturday missions in advance before Friday 23:59 GMT of that week, a lot of effort goes into the group, some you see each week in missions and a lot more behind the scenes that you don't. So, it would be appreciated if you are able to sign up with a yes or no before the deadline, if you are unable to sign up for whatever reason please ensure you inform your section commander.

These decisions have been the collaboration of multiple members and feedback overtime and are always open to suggestion but as of now we believe them to best suit our current position.

Failure to do so will result in the following action:

For Privates and above:
  1. 1st NCO warning
  2. 2nd Command warning
  3. 3rd 7 day suspension: (Includes from that operation & the following weeks operation, inclusive of anything between those dates.)
  4. 4th Dishonourable Discharge (Will likely result in you not being able to return to the group in future)

For Recruits:
  1. 1st NCO warning
  2. 2nd Dishonourable discharge

Issued AWOL’s will be reset at the end of each campaign or after 6 months, whichever occurs first.

AWOL’s will be reported via NCO’s to command at the mission debrief and from there will be handed to personnel to be logged. Personnel will inform command of AWOL’s and if action is required then log any warning or disciplinary actions.

All Information will be logged via spreadsheet system we currently use.

The maybe sign up option will be removed.
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